Cable Management - How to deal with untidy cables hanging around the office

20 Jan 2014

With everyone having a telephone and at least one computer screen on their desk the handling of power, data and telephone cable onto and inside desking has become a major problem for most companies. Not only does the mess of cables found under and around staff desking look untidy it can also pose a health and safety risk.

How “cable management” can be improved and provide a tidier and safer environment for you and your staff.

Provision of Power/ Data/ Telephone services to the desking system
Provision of cable management through the desking system
Power/ Data/ Telephone connections on the desk
Power/ Data/ Telephone access onto the desktop
Monitor Arms
CPU Holders
British Standard 2008 BS6396, Power in office desking

Power and data services can be brought to the workstation via a floor box that sits underneath the desk, through floor grommets or alternatively via dado trunking either at floor level or desk height.

To avoid cables hanging around, looking messy and being a health & Safety hazard vertical cable spines can be used to make cables neater.  Under desk trays are the most efficient way of tidying cables away, and  allows for extra large capacity carrying of cables horizontally throughout the desking system.  These trays can be shortened or lengthened as required. 

There are a few simple options for equipment connection, ranging from on the desk, through the desk or under the desk.  Each method allows you to configure your power and data outlets to suit your needs

Methods of getting access to the data and power outlets include a lift up lid on the desk top, cable access grommet flush with the work top or a sliding top.  These options allow easy access to power / data / IT while allowing the connections to be hidden when not in use.

As workstations get smaller and monitors get larger there is a need to utilise as much of the desk space as possible.  The most effective solution for this is to raise the monitor up off the work top , freeing up space for documents and files.

The monitor can be easily adjusted and repositioned ensuring each user can work in positions which best suit them.

CPU holders allow you to suspend the CPU under the desk out of the way.  

To ensure the safety of the user, all our cable management systems conform to BS 6396: 2008 – Electrical systems in office furniture and Educational Furniture – Specification.