Office Interior Consultancy - Hand holding from initial brief to implementation

One of the most significant problems facing you when considering moving office or refurbishing is will the new premises accommodate your current and anticipated future needs.
Alongside of this is the ever present problem of what will it cost.  These problems are compounded when you are considering more than one new location or indeed if you are comparing new premises against staying and refurbishing your current office space.

That is why the first step of your project is consultancy:

  • Identify the problems
  • Simplify the problems
  • Scope of our feasibility studies
  • Statutory Requirements
  • Sustainability
Why the problems are complex
Shape and size Buildings come in a variety of shapes and sizes and it is impossible to do a single solution to fit all.
New buildings                                        With new buildings landlords can provide the offices as a shell (i.e.. no services or interior fit-out) or fitted (i.e.. suspended ceilings, lighting, air-con, suspended floor, carpeting etc) or “something in between.”  As a consequence the amount of fit-out work can vary enormously.
Standard of fit-out and furnishings (old buildings)                                                                         With older premises the standard of fit-out can vary enormously depending on the previous tenant. As a consequence the amount of fit-out work can also vary enormously.
Can I afford it Since every fit-out (i.e.. flooring, partitions, mechanical/electrical and data etc) can vary, the overall cost of fitting out premises can as a consequence differ greatly. Similarly with office furniture the seating, desking, storage etc chosen will significantly effect the overall cost of relocating. 



How we simplify these problems

We remove the stress from this process and provide you with accurate information which will help you make better informed decisions.  This process will take the guess work out of choosing premises as it ensures that the building will meet your needs.

Establish a clear brief                           Premises being considered can be measured against the brief and ensures that only premises that match your requirements are considered
Provide layouts Layouts demonstrate how the premises will fit your needs
Building surveys Ensure you understand what is provided by the landlord and what you have to do
Costs for services This allows you to fully understand what services are needed (e.g.. mechanical, electrical, data, partitions, flooring) and how much it will cost
Costs for furniture Provide desks, seating, storage etc at various price levels so you can choose what suits your budget

                                                                        Scope of Feasibility Studies
Workplace                     Appraisal                                                    We help you design a more productive work space by identifying your current working processes, company culture, traffic flow, facilities, staff numbers and projecting forward for your new requirements through space planning and design.
Building Surveys                                                                   By surveying the new premises we help you understand what work is needed to fit the office out to your standard. This ensures no surprises and you understand exactly what the landlord is providing. 
Fit-out Costs We provide detailed costing of all the fit out items required. This again removes guess work from your decision making and will allow you to set the standard you can afford.
Office Furniture Costs We provide a detailed quotation for all the furniture required. Because each individual item is priced we can tailor the furniture to suit your budget. Again the guess works is removed.

Statutory Requirements – Your responsibilities simplified

If you are implementing an office fit-out / refurbishment for the first time, dealing with your legal responsibilities may give you some headaches. As part of your project we deal with all of your statutory requirements.

Give you peace of mind We ensure all statutory requirements are met
Statutory applications We submit all applications on your behalf and on time (e.g.. building control / fire authority)
Prevent over-run costs We ensure all costs necessary to meet statutory requirements are included in the design proposal and quotation
Health and safety We look after your health and safety requirements throughout the complete process

Sustainability – And why it should matter to you

Undertaking sustainable office fit-out or refurbishment shows not only that you care for the environment, but it will also benefit you with reduced energy bills.

We help you maximise your building and workplace efficiency and whilst minimising the impact of our own activities on site.

Going Green results in:
  • Saving you energy & money.
  • Improving staff morale and environmental awareness.
  • Enhancing your image as a Responsible Company


Scope of Sustainable Approach
Sustainable office space planning and design Our layouts maximise natural light and fresh air, resulting in the use of less energy
Sustainable materials We use eco-friendly materials, including non volatile substances and materials with a high recycled content
Sustainable suppliers Our office furniture and partitioning suppliers are all committed to sustainable development and meet the relevant environmental and quality standards
Waste management We recycle everything.  This includes cardboard, packaging and other types of waste