Workplace Design & Planning Service in Detail

Workplace Design to improve your business

“Office interiors as usual” just does not work any more, and without creating an office space plan, how can you know whether you need to fit-out, refurbish or relocate?

Our first job is to help you articulate what you are trying to achieve within your office. At this stage it is paramount to address issues like communication, staff productivity, space and flexibility.

Once we get to the underlying problems and functions of your office space, it is much easier to tailor the appropriate solutions and show how these issues can be solved though a layout drawing.

To achieve an effective workplace the layouts must be more than just beautifully designed, they must be fit for a purpose. 

What does this mean for your business?
Transform the way you and your employees work Boost staff morale
Support your long term business strategy Boost staff productivity
Maximise the use of space, facilities and equipment Reduce overheads

Scope of Works

  • Workplace Appraisal: We provide consultation and analysis of both your current and future business objectives and needs. This allows us to create a flexible and adaptable workplace that meets your requirements.
  • Workspace Planning: We deal with issues such as how much office space is available, how many people need to work in the space, what type of work they will be doing – as well as the issues of meeting rooms, break out areas, reception, storage and kitchen facilities.
  • Workplace Design: We give you a choice on all aspects relating to the look and feel of your office. This includes selection of colours, materials and textures, as well as specification of glazed partitioning systems, contemporary and ergonomic office furniture, storage units, flooring, lighting and many other items.