A Clever Office Refurbishment - Get Better Value From Your Office Accommodation

As your business evolves you need to consider how you use your office space and maximise the value you get from it.

Your business premises may be out of date, not reflect your brand values, or not help you motivate and retain your staff.  An office refurbishment can address all of these issues and more.


Outcomes of a clever office refurbishment are
More efficient use of your existing space
A more modern up to date office facility which accommodates new technologies
More motivated and productive staff
Greater staff satisfaction and retention
Enhanced brand, inspiring greater confidence in your clients, staff and suppliers alike
Enhanced property values and increased lifespan


Scope of office refurbishment service
Design and drawings We prepare full drawings and specifications for all fit-out elements.  This includes flooring, partitions, ceilings, mechanical and electrical, data and IT.
Fixed cost proposal We provide a fixed cost for all of the elements and the overall project.  This allows you to avoid the risk of over-run costs.
Programme of works The programme is designed to fit your needs and gives you fixed completion dates allowing you to organise your business accordingly.
Project / site management Our own in-house staff will manage the complete project on your behalf.  We liaise with landlords, agents etc..... to ensure a smooth handover and with statutory bodies to ensure you meet your statutory requirements (e.g. building control, fire authority, health and safety etc..).  Our own fitters ensure the quality of your work.