What are the office design trends for 2016

These days there are a lot of components that go into planning office design. Not only does an office have to impress clients, but it also has to keep employees happy and content so that they can be more productive at work. Additionally, it should provide ergonomic comforts that make it healthier for employees to work, so that they use up less sick time. This may seem like an overwhelming list of traits for a new office, but the top office design trends for 2016 have all of the bases covered.


First and foremost, a simple change in the way your company sets its offices up can help change the feel of the cubicle. Eliminating wires and other clutter from desks is a great way to upgrade the look of an office and help people feel more organised. When they feel as if their area is clean and manageable they are less likely to feel overwhelmed at work. There are a lot of great solutions these days for hiding wires, and simply going wireless is worth looking into.


Open Space


Another interesting way to get rid of the stigma of office space is to get rid of the old cubicle design, and instead open your mind to open spaces. The bench was a popular change from cubicles, lining workers up next to each other, but now non-assigned seating and open spaces are really taking over. Multipurpose spaces are a great way to create areas that employees can use for anything, and encourage people to meet and talk more. Oval shaped office desks that allow four to six people to work at a time are a great way to encourage more work related conversation.


Lounge areas in the workplace are also now becoming more popular. It may seem contradictory for work, but studies have shown that when employees relax they come back and work harder. Therefore, a little time relaxing is worth the increased productivity. Plus, many employees end up talking shop in the lounge anyway, encouraging knowledge exchange.


Finally, when it comes to office d├ęcor, mixed textures are very popular this year. The use of different materials such as wood, shag, laminate, and more, are great ways to create a bold and original look. Designers that incorporate new textures and patterns into an office often become the most sought after. The bottom line is – don’t be afraid to have some fun when it comes to your interior design!


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