Great Ideas to Improve Office Productivity

Every office manager wants to ensure that their office runs smoothly, but ambitious ones aim to raise the productivity bar. There are some great ways you can encourage employees to work harder with just a few changes. From office design to the overall level of comfort in a workspace, here are a few great ideas that will help improve office productivity.


First of all, you need to think about the actual design of your office. Research has shown that people work better when they are encouraged to interact with each other. This is why open office space is often a better idea than cubicle-styled office space. Instead of shutting people into their own corner, allowing them to see each other and get a shared work experience can help encourage them to work more productively. It also encourages them to work harder because there are others around noticing what they are doing!


Secondly, you should think about the overall décor of your office space. There are some things that are unavoidable, such as computers, wires, and so on. However, the décor is one thing you can control. Avoid the temptation to choose the typical white or beige hues of office space, and instead attempt to make the offices look cutting edge and modern. A splash of colour can actually encourage people to work as they feel they are in a professional and modern environment. When working in a high quality office space most people will perform higher quality work.

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Another great way to induce office productivity is by simply re-evaluating the lighting in all areas of the office. Natural light is a great way to keep staff productive and motivated to work. It has been scientifically proven that artificial lighting can actually lead to depression, compared to natural light. Therefore, by taking into account office design and placing windows in offices, or at least throughout an open space office, you can actually create a more productive workplace for your staff.


Finally, you need to make sure that you have a great break out room for your employees. This is where they head to refresh while at work. A refreshed worker will return to their desk motivated and ready to work. This can dramatically improve mood, which will be reflected in the way they perform. When people are happy they will work harder, and that means that any renovations the break room needs could pay for themselves. Bright décor, and break out rooms that are large enough to accommodate the full staff, are great things to start with.

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