Follow the Office refurbishment trends to improve the working space for your employees.

The modern office has come a long way in the last decade, and that drive for more efficient, staff-friendly, and technologically advanced spaces in which to work will continue apace in 2017.
If you are considering an office overhaul, the good news is any office refurbishment will go beyond the merely aesthetic. Just as a strong colony of bees produces more honey, a harmonious workforce will always achieve a greater output.
And one of the best ways to boost staff morale is to create an attractive working environment. Many employers will, thus, be taking a more worker-centric approach to future office refurbishment, adopting cutting-edge technology alongside a more holistic outlook.

Here office interior solutions looks at some of the main trends likely to dominate in 2017.

Creature Comforts

office Break out areaThe boom in demand for height adjustable desk systems is set to continue. These are not just good for posture, but mean a worker can either sit or stand during the working day. Another absolute must is a ‘lounging about’ or break-out area. These spaces allow staff to relax, recharge and refocus their energy, as well as offering a welcome change of scenery. It’s a good idea to paint these areas in soothing colours – in fact why not paint each room in the office a different colour. Studies have shown colours have an impact on workers, so try to avoid the bland or nauseating.
Similarly, there has been a growth in demand for what are known as Living Walls. These help bring the natural world into the office environment, with an emphasis on fresh air and daylight. Both have been demonstrated to boost worker productivity.

Technology revolution

Integration will be a key word in 2017, with technology being used across all areas, including canteens and break-out areas. More workstations will feature wireless charging devices and furniture built with multimedia capability. Most office workers will be familiar with unsightly cables trailing from desks, but this could soon become a thing of the past as employers look at more effective power and data management. Soft wiring, for example, is a more effective plug-and-play cabling method that saves time and increases safety, and means offices are not reliant on hard-wiring.

Future proofing

Going hand in glove with the technological revolution is a drive to future-proof offices. Along with inter-connected smart technology, there will be a move towards a flexible office environment where workers are not tied down to one specific desk or area, but will work in an area most suited to the task they are performing. Expect to see more modular seating and workbenches, desk pods and meeting hubs designed to let employees’ creativity flow.

Material things

Related to the push for a more stylish working environment, 2017 is likely to see the greater use of raw materials in office refurbs. Exposed brickwork and wooden finishes, coupled with the creative use of lighting and the previously mentioned Living Walls, are all bang on-trend.
An office refurb may seem like a daunting task, but with a bit of fore-thought your business will reap the benefits in terms of productivity and happier staff. Whatever your budget, Office Interior Solutions can help you find the right balance.

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