Impact of Office Design on Business Performance

If you own a business then it stands to reason that you want your staff to perform their duties well. Workplace studies show that the design of an office, how it looks, where furniture is placed, and the lighting and colour scheme affect staff performance. If you want your business to perform well, then your staff also have to do their best. Many people are of the opinion that neglecting the impact of the workplace on business performance is irresponsible.

Visually Appealing

A visually appealing office is good for both staff and client morale. People tend to notice when a space is untidy and dirty, but feel better, though they can’t always say why, when a space is clean and visually appealing. Even a fresh coat of paint can have a positive effect on an office environment and on staff morale. People much prefer working somewhere that is visually appealing, and that has sufficient storage space, so that the aisles are not cluttered with file boxes and documents. The old saying that a tidy place reflects and produces a tidy mind should be considered whenever you are redesigning your business office.

First Impressions

There is a lot of truth in the maxim that first impressions count. If a colleague or a client enters your office and finds it cluttered and unappealing, this reflects on their attitude towards you and your work. People much prefer a clean and ordered space, and if that space is designed to enhance positive emotions, this can have a positive effect on staff attitudes and performance.

A Healthy Environment

Staff and visitors alike regard a clean and tidy office space as a healthier environment. If the d├ęcor and the furnishings are appealing, then this can have a positive effect on visitors and workforce alike. Studies show that when people work in a clean and pleasant environment, their productivity increases and time off sick declines.


When you are furnishing your company office, make sure that work stations and computers are comfortable and that chairs are ergonomically designed. Many office workers spend most of their days sat in front of a computer. If they have a comfortable chair that is designed to adapt to their body, they are less likely to take time off due to back problems. Your clients and competitors will notice your office environment. Many a deal is lost because someone was not impressed with a business’s working environment. Make sure that your office is clean, comfortable, and welcoming, and you will have a happy workforce – and are more likely to have satisfied clients.

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