How Does a Great Office Space Help Staff Morale?

22 Nov 2016

Improve your Staff Morale with office interior design

Office design to improve staff moraleWhen it comes to designing your office space, there are a lot of things that you need to consider as a business owner. You need to think about your actual space needs, to make sure that everyone has their own space; you need to think about the equipment that will have to fit into the office space. You also need to think about the d├ęcor of the office space, which may seem like a small thing, but is actually an important task. This is due to the fact that your office space can greatly help staff morale if you carefully design its layout and appearance.


First of all, people work better in environments that stimulate them. When people feel alive and stimulated they are more likely to get down to work. The boring old work cubicle does not motivate anyone to increase creativity and productivity, but a modern cutting edge office with sharp design will. The basic truth is that people tend to take on the personality of the room they are surrounded by. Therefore, if you provide them with an impressive surrounding, they will strive to be impressive. If the office space is lacklustre you can expect their performance to be as well.


Secondly, people are more likely to be inspired when they feel valued at work. A great way to show that you value your employees is by offering them an impressive office space that caters to them. For instance, choose office furniture that is ergonomic so that they are comfortable at work. This will also help make them healthier at work, which in turn is going to improve their overall mood. The end result is that they will enjoy coming to the office – and that is going to boost the morale of everyone else as well.


Finally, when designing an office you need to make sure that you allow plenty of room for staff relaxation areas. Many designers focus on the office space and then just squeeze an office break room into the final design. This is the wrong approach however, as the break area is the one oasis that employees have while they are at work. If they feel supported, they will return to work refreshed and ready to work. If the area is too small, or sparsely decorated, they will feel they are moving from one dungeon to the next, which is not the effect you need! Instead, give them an area that is light and fun – and the result will show in their attitudes.