Your blueprint for a successful refurbishment / relocation

18 Jun 2014

Moving office or refurbishing your existing office can be a stressful time.  If you follow these simple steps the process will be smoother, quicker and give you less hassle.

Key Steps
1. Identify your business needs   What your business needs to be successful
2. Feasibility studies The options on cost
3. Planning your space Objectives for change
4. The process Consultation, Design and Specification
5. Implementation                            Project Plan, Statutory Requirements and Project Team
6. After sales Service Maintenance and upkeep



         Have you considered you options - Stay or Go?
       A. Stay and refurbish / Extend your premises
           B. Relocate to new premises

Are your needs driven by:
Break in lease
Existing premises now too small for your needs
Reorganisation of existing space due to operational demands
Upgrade of your brand
Your existing furniture is old and inadequate for your current needs
Existing premises now too large for your needs
Premises old fashioned and no longer fit for purpose

You can make considered decisions on the viability of existing or new premises by having us carry out feasibility studies on your behalf.


         By carrying out feasibility studies on :

          A. Your existing premises
          B. New premises you may be considering

                                                                         - We help you review your current and future needs
                                                                         - We help you make comparisons between different premises and layouts
                                                                         - We help provide a clear direction for the future of your business


Reduction of costs Accommodation is expensive and not always utilised as effectively as it could be. 
Increase flexibility                                                                Organisations experience frequent changes in both structure and work processes.  Buildings need to facilitate these changes when they occur.
Improved productivity The most important objective is also the most difficult one: to improve productivity. It is about improving staff output whilst reducing or fixing costs. 
Encourage employee interaction Interaction between employees is critical for organisational performance.  The layout of the work environment plays a crucial role in this. 
Stimulate Creativity Many businesses excel through their capacity for continuous innovation, for which creativity is essential.  Layout and design of the work place plays a crucial role, creating spaces that stimulate ideas.
Expressing the company brand Traditionally, branding has been focused on logos, websites, and advertisements. However, the physical work environment can also be used to convey a particular message or identity, working as a showcase to the outside world.
Attracting and retaining staff For every organisation, attracting good quality staff and retaining them is critical.  Providing employees with comfortable, attractive surroundings tells them that they are valued and helps to make a good impression on job applicants.
Support change of company culture                                               Changing company culture is one of the most difficult tasks. Culture is deeply rooted and therefore difficult to transform. Office design however can be a powerful tool for ‘change’ in this process.
Reduce environmental impact Next to transport and travel, buildings are the largest consumer of energy and a significant contributor to the emission of greenhouse gases.  Good office design can minimise the impact of a building on the environment.

          By using our consultancy process:

          A. Together we review your current staff and the jobs they do
          B. Together we review the tools they need individually and collectively as teams
          C. Together we review common areas (e.g.. reception, conference, meeting,                                                                                                                    boardroom,storage, canteen etc)

                                                                        This allows us to:
                                                                         - Challenge your thinking on how staff work, their needs, privacy and interaction
                                                                         - Challenge you to review how to use your premises to promote your brand
                                                                         - Establish accurate costs, helping you to set your budget for the whole project              



Our Design Service
Layout options                              This allows you to visualise the different ways you can use your space and identifies the layout which best suits your needs.
3D Presentation           This helps refine your choice of layout allowing you to understand how your office will look.
Service Drawings This ensures that all services i.e.. power, data, telecoms, lighting, aircon etc match exactly with your preferred layout.


          We provide you with a fully specified and costed quotation:

          This allows you to:
          - See exactly how much each part of the project costs 
          - Amend individual parts of the project and know what the implication will be to your costs 
This ensures that the price you are quoted is the price you pay. The cost of the project is under your control.


Our Project Management Service
Project Plan                              We will provide you with a “ gant chart” which shows clearly the step by step programme of works to be completed .This allows you to review our performance whilst ensuring that the programme is delivered on time
Statutory Requirements           We will act on your behalf to ensure that all statutory requirements are met. These include planning applications, building control and health and safety approval
Project Team All management of the project is provided by our own personnel i.e. Project Manager, Site Manager etc. You will be provided with one point of contact alleviating any confusion which might arise.

We ensure that your project is delivered on time, to a very high standard and to your agreed budget.


       Your long term needs :

       - We provide solutions that are low maintenance 
       - If something does go wrong we are there to support and assist you
       - We use our own in-house staff to provide repair and maintenance when required