Through the looking glass - Glazed partitioning

29 Apr 2014

Increasing staff productivity is a fundamental goal for any business, and by looking at how an office environment can directly influence performance is fundamental in designing an efficient and effective workplace.

The key to providing an effective working environment for your staff is to ensure a balance between the need for space, privacy, team-working and employee satisfaction. 

This can become increasingly difficult, particularly within open plan workspaces.  The use of glazed partitioning systems solves these problems by providing a visually spacious environment which promotes an awareness of collaboration and openness, defines private work areas and allows an abundance of natural light into the office.

      Office Interior Solutions are distributors for Optima, the UK’s leading manufacturer of                           demountable partitioning systems.  All Optima systems are manufactured to the highest                       standards, offering various levels of acoustic privacy and fire resistance, to suit your office                     requirements.

Key Considerations
Creative space
Lighten your budget
Moving with the times
One pane or two? - Single or Double glazed
Adding style to your office


        One of the major benefits of glazed partitioning is the feeling of vast openness that it creates,               providing a more visually stimulating environment for your staff.  It can also promote collaborative           thinking by removing barriers between groups of employees, while at the same time providing                 your staff with much needed private working areas.


         The distribution of natural light not only has an affect on your employees, but also on your                    company finances. If the amount of natural light within the office is restricted, there will be a                  need for increased levels of artificial light, increasing electricity bills.

          One of the major advantages of glazed partitioning systems is that they are fully demountable.               This means that if your office needs change, either for creating more space, or requiring                       additional private rooms, the partitioning can be dismantled with ease, and reconfigured to meet             your new requirements.

          Glazed partitioning systems offer an ultra modern, contemporary approach to office design,                   creating not only a positive atmosphere for your employees, but it also projects a perception of               positivity and forward thinking to your clients.


Single glazed systems create an atmosphere of space through vast areas of virtually seamless glass and offer a wide range of design options by utilising a minimal number of components facilitating the speed of erection.  


         Double glazed systems are used to provide higher levels of acoustic performance and privacy,                with the added option of integral blinds. Offering additional levels of fire resistance, double glazed          partitioning is extremely efficient and cost effective for meeting rooms and open plan office                    solutions.

Customising your office space and creating a personal space couldn’t be easier with glazed partitioning systems.  The use of vinyl graphics offers greater style and aesthetics, whilst providing additional privacy.

Pictures or graphics can be applied to any glass partitioning, and can be provided with any custom design.  They can incorporate the company logo and branding, as well as artwork and imagery.
Not only does this provide a visually stimulating approach to office design and aesthetics.  The use of graphics offers additional privacy to offices while still allowing the flow of natural light into your office space.
Whether you’re relocating or refurbishing an existing office, glazed partitioning systems offer the flexibility and design to modernise your business and promote a better working environment for your staff.