Offices feel down at heel - Time to refurbish

Situation: Aero Engine Controls lease was due for renewal but because they were satisfied with the location, costs, etc they did not want to move.  However, because of significant changes to the way they worked and the condition of their existing premises and furniture they decided to undertake a complete redesign and refurbishment of the premises along with the replacement of all of their furniture.  The works needed to be undertaken while they were still on site!!

Pain Points
Staying Put They needed to work in their premises while they were being refurbished
Current premises would need to be redesigned, refurbished and the existing furniture (which was old) would need to be replaced.
Design The client needed to allow for growth in staff numbers, more flexible working, better communication and staff participation leading to greater productivity.
Costs The client required accurate costs for both the fit out and furniture (and at various price levels.)
Implementation The client needed someone to hold their hand and guide them through the complete project from feasibility studies through design, costing, project management and relocation.

Solution: Aero Engine Controls required a complete review of their staff, working practices, communication, etc.  Office Interior Solutions provided full space planning/design to reflect both their brand and new working methods and full refurbishment of the offices (i.e. flooring, ceiling, decoration, partitions, mechanical and electrical services) while they continued to work in their premises.  Office Interior Solutions also replaced all of their furniture.

New office layout Space for future growth
New furniture More flexible working, better communication 
Various Project costs Client was able to choose the solution that best suited their budget
Project management Client was able to get on with running their business giving all the headache to Office Interior Solutions
Redefined ways of working Greater staff participation and improved company culture

Total implementation and management of the project allowed them to concentrate on their own business.
All the work was undertaken without the need to move out