Your offices don't reflect your brand - Time for change?

Situation: Due to significant growth and a new brand Hughes Insurance decided to re-brand and refurbish it's 12 branches, along with their HQ.  This required a review of the use and the design of each branch office and HQ with a complete refurbishment of each.

Pain Points
Accommodating Needs The branch offices needed to be remodelled to accommodate not only their current but also their projected future operational needs while at the same time reflect their new brand.
Design The client needed to allow for growth in staff numbers, more flexible working, better communication and staff participation.  It was also necessary to reflect this new brand throughout each branch office.
Cost The client required accurate costs for both fit-out and furniture for each branch office and HQ.
Implementation The client needed someone to guide them through the complete project from design and costing, through to project management and refurbishment particularly since they had to continue to use the premises while the work was being completed.

Solution: Office Interior Solutions worked with Hughes Insurance in the design and space planning of the new branch offices.  On agreement of design and space planning we completed the office refurbishment and supplied and installed all of the furniture.  The HQ was significantly expanded catering for 250 people and was substantially refurbished and refurnished.

Office design and layout Hughes Insurance could see their brand come to life and the layouts helped them visualise how their branch offices would operate
Accurate costs This allowed a fixed budget to be set for each office and the HQ
Furniture Each branch has the same furniture which maintains the brand from one location to the next
Project management The customer did not have to adjust the way they worked as we worked around them and it allowed them to concentrate on their business

Total implementation and management of the project allowed them to concentrate on their own business.