Improved staff productivity! - A designed approach

Situation: Caterpillar (formerly FG Wilson) wanted to consolidate their activities, which were spread over various locations into one single large HQ for 300 people.  The building which they had chosen was a former light electronics factory/office.  However the interior was not suitable for their purpose as the services were old and needed to be completely refurbished.  Caterpillar realised they didn't have the resources internally to implement such a complex project and as a consequence employed Office Interior Solutions to do the design, fit-out and furnishing of their new premises.

Pain Points
Fitting everyone in                            Their new premises would need to be redesigned, refurbished and the existing furniture (which was old) would need to be replaced.
Design Caterpillar needed to allow for growth in staff numbers, more flexible working, better communication and staff participation leading to greater productivity
Costs The client required accurate fixed costs for both the fit out and furniture
Implementation The client needed someone to hold their hand and guide them through the complete project from feasibility studies through design, costing, project management and relocation

Solution: Office Interior Solutions prepared full space planning/design along with mechanical and electrical drawings to facilitate the bringing together of 300 people from various locations into their new HQ.  We also supplied the full fit out package included flooring, ceilings, partitions, m&e, decoration, etc,  and supply and installation of the furniture for the whole building.

Work place appraisal This allowed roles, departments, functions and traffic flow to be refined
Office design and layout                     The client was able to see what their new offices would look like before work commenced
New furniture Every staff member has the right tools to do their job 
Full fit-out services All functional and operational needs were catered for
Project management Office Interior Solutions undertook the management of the project allowing Caterpillar to get on with their own business
More flexible working This lead to greater communication between staff and departments

Full implementation and management of the project allowed Caterpillar to concentrate on their own business.

The full turnkey solution allowed Caterpillar to achieve their goal of bringing everyone under one roof.