"Break in Lease" - Stay or Relocate

Situation: Transaction Network Services (TNS) were leasing premises and their lease was due for renewal.  They were considering whether to stay in their current premises or relocate their 75 staff to new premises.  Staying in their current premises would have required a refurbishment and new furniture.  New premises would allow them to review their costs, location, branding, quality of offices and furniture.

Pain Points
Staying Put Current premises would need to be redesigned, refurbished and the existing furniture (which was old) would need to be replaced.
Moving New premises would need to be designed to ensure that they met both their operational and branding needs.  Any fitting out of the offices would need to be identified and new furniture would also be required. 
Design The client wanted to improve productivity and allow for growth in staff numbers, more flexible working, better communication and staff participation.
Costs How much would each option cost?  TNS required accurate costs for both the fit out and furniture for their current building and also for the potential new building.
Implementation How was the project to be delivered? TNS needed someone to hold their hand and guide them through the complete project from feasibility studies through design, costing, project management and relocation.

Solution: Office Interior Solutions undertook feasibility studies of their existing and preferred new premises.  We provided them with comparative designs and costs at various price points.  This helped them (with accurate costs) to make a proper informed decision about their future plans (In this case to move).  We then implemented and project managed the job on their behalf, providing all fit out services and new office furniture.  On completion of all the works we then relocated them over a single weekend from their old premises to their new ones.

Feasibility Studies on existing and new premises Accurate costs allowed for an informed decision
Various project cost levels An appropriate budget was established and adhered to
Project management No headache of trying to organise the project
New office layout Working practices where reviewed and improved
Space for Growth Accommodate future growth
Improved staff productivity Better communication and staff participation
Efficiency Improved Business practices and staff became more efficient

Total implementation and management of the project allowed them to concentrate on their own business.